„Aviation Humor“


„A Good Landing“ und  „Going Up, Sir“ sind zwei Cartoon-Bücher mit „aviation humor“ von AutoreInnen und ZeichnerInnen aus aller Welt – inklusive von mir getexteter Strips (Zeichnungen: Stefan Neuwinger, Heinz Wolf, Nina Dietrich)

About „A Good Landing“:

„The book „Good landing“ was published November 2008. A rather unique book: in the last 50 years (as far as we could find out) no book was published with aviation cartoons by artists from all corners of the world.
In just a few weeks 1000’s of books have been sold around the world, and the orders keep flooding in. „Good landing“ contains 160 pages with cartoons from 20 different artists from several countries and each artist fills some pages, none of them more than 8% of total book, and they all look at aviation on their own, special, way. Almost half of the book is in full colour.“

Verlag: Martin Leeuwis Publication, Netherlands
Information (und Bestellmöglichkeit): www.aviation-humor.com

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